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Jasmine McIntyre, Realtor®

Jasmine McIntyre, Realtor®
Jasmine McIntyre believes that her strengths in interpersonal skills, responsiveness, and critical thinking set her apart as a Realtor and distinguished her as Tallahassee’s Highest Rated Realtor on Interpersonal Skills: Jasmine’s mission is to merge personal and financial happiness by knowing her clients and gaining a clear picture of their unique circumstances. She understands that buying or selling a home is a large financial decision that directly influences one’s lifestyle. Responsiveness: Jasmine is readily available to clients and responds quickly to home showing requests. She obtains meaningful feedback for her sellers by contacting each agent who shows her listings. She sets up custom home alerts for homebuyers and herself so they are immediately notified of new listings. Questions regarding financing, inspections, and repairs will arise so she surrounds herself with experts demonstrating consistent quality and quick responses. Critical Thinking: Jasmine strives to troubleshoot potential problems so clients don't waste time and money. She highlights the strengths of each home, and recognizes the obstacles that need to be addressed. By paying attention to all factors, she aims to maximize her client’s ability to secure or sell a home under the best circumstances. Jasmine believes she honed these strengths while obtaining graduate degrees in psychology and education. She developed an analytical mindset while studying what drives human thought and behavior. There is much psychology involved in choosing the right home so she combines scientific study, real estate experience, and common sense to provide a superior level of service as a Realtor. On a personal note, Jasmine has lived in 8 states and 11 cities due to a military upbringing. Through these moves, she has become adaptable and easily connects with others transitioning to a new city. When asked, "Where is your hometown?" she used to respond, "I'm from a lot of places." Within the first year of living in Tallahassee, she found a city to call home. Captivated by the great city parks, college spirit, sense of community, and beautiful foliage, she and her husband decided to make this the hometown for their children. Jasmine McIntyre, REALTOR (850) 264-7235